Indo-Ned Consultancy Company EN

PT.Indo-Ned Consultancy Company

Is a legal business advisor with offices in Jakarta and Kuta Bali Indonesia. With agencies in Lombok, Java, Sumatra and Flores it make us can advice our clients directly. The Indo-Ned consultants are flexible, they are also active in other places and Islands in Indonesia.

Not only Dutch clients we also serve clients from France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Norway and the United Kingdom. As Indo-Ned has a branche office in Europe our consultants knows the culture of the most European countries and can convert the ideas easy into the Indonesian plans.

In cooperation with the BKPM we establish PMA in Indonesia for  foreign companies and PT according the law of Indonesia and we advice companies with licenses and permits for doing business in Indonesia. Just think of the licenses and permits such as UD , IUT , API , APIT, ABH / HO , NPIK etc.. Indo-Ned also handles tax-forms, annual tax and advices companies, bookkeeping and doing business in Indonesia.

As Indo-Ned provides full service to all clients, we can give you our domicile address in Jakarta and Bali. So Indo-Ned Consultancy Company offers a virtual office in Indonesia. At the office on Bali you can have your own meeting place, the staff of Indo-Ned is willing to help you. Where will you find our office on Bali ? Just look at Contact.

Indo-Ned consultancy also handles tax returns and accounting reports and accounting. Indo-Ned Consultancy offers a comprehensive service, so you can use our office address as well as use your address for service in Jakarta and Bali. So Indo-Ned Consulting also offers the possibility of a virtual office for Indonesia to. A place where you can not only work but also can take your entrepreneurial or investment questions.

Even though you are far away from Indonesia, your business is at Indo-Ned Consultancy in safe and expert hands. Want to set up a PMA or PT in Indonesia or want to invest in Indonesia? You can also visit our Dutch and American establishment. You not only save travel and accommodation but certainly just as important, you communicate in your own language which confusion is avoided.

In addition to a business address for your company, it is also possible to reserve a workstation and receive your visitors. To work properly chosen a peaceful environment while still many amenities including shops, businesses, restaurants and parking spaces are available.

There are many government agencies such as the Chamber of Commerce to promote doing business across the border. But often the information is too general with no specific action may be advised in a particular country. Indo-Ned Consultancy has extensive experience in Indonesia and can inform you well in it.

Indonesia is developing rapidly and has a stable and growing economy for several years. Let Indo-Ned Consultancy be your guide in doing business, doing business and living in Indonesia. Indo-Ned Consultancy bridges the gap between Indonesia, Europe and America.