Your partner in enterprising in Indonesia

Your partner in enterprising in Indonesia

Indo-Ned Consultancy was founded in February 2005. Co-founder of and represent INDO-NED Consultancy, Tina Simbolon (1970) She was born, raised and graduated in Indonesia. She speaks the language and knows the manners and the way the general regulations of Indonesia. They switch effortlessly to the Dutch use.

Extensive experience with Indonesian regulations

Along with all the team in the Netherlands, the US and Indonesia, we had already gained experience in the field of business creation, immigration service, administration, taxes and procedures of licenses. The company is focused on small-scale design and client. With branches in several islands and partnerships we are able to quickly and correctly to work.

One of our activities is to guide individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to settle in Indonesia. Together with the Indonesian government institutions looking INDO-NED Consultancy how to draw can be as effective as possible.


Indo-Ned Consultancy undertakes to understand your business in Indonesia and guide.

Our commercial approach reinforces our reputation for good management, something that put our clients on price.

Together with our customers we define in advance the objectives of good management in order to avoid problems and to work efficiently. In order to properly advise our consultants receive periodic retraining in order to keep abreast of the latest developments.

We also work closely with the government, accountants, lawyers and notaries. Only in this way the client can be operated properly. With our office in the Netherlands and Florida, America, we are able to offer a complete service.