Indo-Ned Your Business Partner

Yes !!! We are your business partner,

Indo-Ned company consultancy - a firm of company secretaries established in february 2005. our consultants had already a wide and extensive corporate experience of over two decades especially in establish companies, administration, tax and licenses in Indonesia. the firm is having a small, client committed; team of company secretaries specialized in their respective practice areas. one of our main goal is to assist the government for bring foreign investors to INDONESIA.

So, what is it that unique characterizes of Indo-Ned's approach?

In Indo-Ned, we make our business to understand your business. our commercial approach is reinforced by our reputation for good transaction management and close to the client involvement. we work with our clients to achieve their business goals. Our best consultants are trained to meet the specific requirements of your business deals.

With the flexibilities and 'can-do' approach of our consultants, problems will solved quickly and efficiently. Allied with this, we have considerable essential resources to make us possible for manage and drive forward transactions, within the timetables required. we also possess the technical expertise to stay ahead of others and ensure to complete transaction or case that meets our clients business objectives and concerns, such objectives rarely fall into neat, self-contained categories. Based on our practice areas bring together a wide range of specialist skills drawn from all parts of the firm. from these, we can build the particular team needed to tackle any individual business transaction or case.

How Can We Help You ?

Indo-Ned is committed to providing the highest quality industry-specific company set-up, tax report, administration, visas and solutions within budget and under tightest deadlines. Our goal is to help our clients efficiently communicate and optimize their business. critical aspects of our work include unique creative approach, innovative and friendly team work. Indo-Ned builds strong and lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with timely expert services and becoming virtual part of their teams. Indo-Ned enables organizations to reach and their marketing and business objectives