Why to Invest in Indonesia ?

of course, there are a lot of reasons to invest in INDONESIA. for a start, we will share you the five BIG reasons to invest in this beautiful country. and the rest, you can find out on our INDONESIA page. • huge potential, sizeable domestic market • vast, highly diversified natural resources
• competitive and productive laborforce • strong economic base • beautiful and friendly atmosphere

there are a lot of opportunities in INDONESIA, think of Energy, production of Machines, Harbours, Wastewater and Food. the INDONESIAN market is large, but if you want to do business in INDONESIA you have to prepare a lot of things. besides the pleasant stay and doing business in Indonesia the taxrates are not very high.

Let INDO-NED advice you

Income tax Indonesia

Tax rates for individual(s)

Tax rates income tax Indonesia

Taxable annual income Income tax rate
Up to Rp. 50 million 5%
Over Rp. 50 million to Rp. 250 million 15%
Over Rp. 250 million to Rp. 500 million 25%
Over Rp. 500 million 30%

Tax rate for corporate Indonesia

Tax rate 25%
Limited company which 40% of their shares trade in stock exchange market 5% lower than normal rate
Gross turnover up to Rp. 50.000.0000.000 50% deduction from normal rate