Juridisch Adviseur

As a business consultant, Indo-Ned will help you provide the information you need:  about the appropriate permits and applicable laws in INDONESIA, both on legal services and import licenses services.
our company works with notary and advocates to obtain accurate information, and always updates the latest news for this service. our legal consultant services, divine in 2 categories:

1. LEGAL SERVICES, including:
•  PMA - foreign direct investment
•  PT - local company
•  CV - commanditaire vennootschap
•  UUG - hinder ondornantie
•  IUT - fixed business license

2. IMPORT LICENSES, including:
•  APIT - limited importer identification number
•  APIU - general importer identification number
•  NPIK - special identification importer number
•  SRP - registration of customs
•  POSTEL - permit posts and telecommunications